Bora’s speech on Show Champion after SISTAR won with “I Swear”

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[MV] Ladies’ Code - I’m Fine Thank You 

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"I'm Fine Thank You" by Ladies' Code


LADIES’ CODE (레이디스 코드) - I’m Fine Thank You

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"I'm Fine Thank You" by 레이디스 코드(Ladies' Code)


Your hidden tears left someoptions
In case you didn’t see me, I saw you
I knew that this time, I’m late
But today, I only waited for you

When I called you, I look like a fool
But one day you’d be looking at me too
Your tears, I long & wait for it
just another day passed by

That day I cried,
Its goodbye forever in order to be happy
Sometimes I laugh at something
I’m fine thank you
thank you

Just as no one is looking 
You may forget all about me
I think of that sometimes
But, Don’t worry

I tried to hard whenever I wanted to see you
Winds blew into me
Sometimes I sing my name while on the hill
Let me rests and hold you

I’m fine thank you Thank you x2
I’m fine thank you Thank you x2 

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When you are feeling down, look at the skies. You are not always alone.

— Go Eun-Bi (via larmoyante)
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Today RiSe went to keep EunB company in heaven. This week two young, talented, beautiful & warm hearted girls were given their wings.You were too young and too kind for such a thing to happen, but you’re both finally safe and in a better place. I hope all your suffering and pain that you held through is gone and you can finally find peace. Make sure you look after each other and don’t get into too much trouble, make sure you check in on your members too alright? let them know you’re okay and at peace. May you both rest in peace. Go Eunbi, November 23, 1992 - September 3, 2014. // Kwon Risae, August 16, 1991 - September 7, 2014.

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its a little uplifting to see the crosses besides risae and eunbi’s names on the ladies code wiki page rather than as “former members”. they aren’t former members and never will be. they will always be our ladies, no matter where the universe chooses to take them. rest in peace, our beautiful angels. once a lady, always a lady. 

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WEIBO UPDATE (August 6th, 2014): Enjoyed dinner with @missA_fei @missA_jia after filming Idol True Colors! Pizza

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thast not how you fucking eat watermelon’s you pink idiot

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Sooyoung’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - She does not just do the challenge itself, she takes the time to upload seven videos to explain the cause and increase awareness, detail the ways to donate to ALS and do the challenge. Forever an inspiration; and I’ll always proud to be your fan ♥

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sojindot | DO NOT edit

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i have such a busy schedule. i may have to cut out “studying” to make room for “crying over tv shows” and “4 hour nap”

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Wu Yi Fan is Always Here

— Kris’s weibo update (via jongbyung)
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