sojin, who gave you permission to be this flirty ◕‿◕

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Anonymous: So pretty can u do a fei one?

for goodbye baby?

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Ponyo + Dreaming

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4-5/500 pictures of girls’ generation

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Wild Flower

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"二分之一" by stormychu


Aaron Yan & G.NA - 二分之一 (1/2) (Piano cover)
it’s stuck in my head for the rest of my life.

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how iu reacts to cheesiness

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140423 Lay’s speech @ China Music Awards

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Cherry Cheesecake with Oreos and Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Among many other things that hinder female idols from getting the respect and recognition they deserve, nothing is scarier and easier to ruin someone’s career and reputation forever than a string of scandals.

What are you seeing? Above are real netizen comments for female idols whose careers are “tainted” because they decided to date, take a photo with a male celebrity, and showed their limit of what they can take. Some of these idol’s images are ruined solely on malicious and at times, baseless rumors like plastic surgery, pregnancy and bullying. These comments range from disbandment threats, sexual harrassment, and overall, just straight up misogyny.

Why should we care? The damaging effects of these comments can greatly affect an idol’s perception of themselves in a negative and unhealthy way. This can affect their performances and variety show appearances, their openness to share things to their fans, etc. They may come to realize that there’s no use of being an idol and quit, or even worse, quit living altogether.

What can we do? Supporting female idols is important. This means giving moral support to them not only during scandals, but during promotions and hiatus, giving financial support by buying their albums, and to not spread malicious rumors around, even if it’s someone we don’t necessarily fancy. Why?

Because female idols are also ladies, just like most of us are. What they feel, we probably feel on a daily basis. Rather than sending hate to them, we should come to understand, sympathize and be there for them because no one else will.

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Daisies. [2] on We Heart It

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Suzy Goodbye Baby | requested by anonymous 

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